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You can choose between two methods to install Smart String Resources.
Important: Whatever method you choose, after installing it, you must compile the project before you can use it so the T4 templates can find the Smart String Resources dll.

Method 1 - Visual Studio Extension

You can install the Visual Studio Extension that will install the C# and VB.NET T4 templates and the NuGet package.
This is the most recommended as it will automatically create and update the Smart String Resources files for you, whenever you create or update a resx file.

This method does not require that all your team members have the extension installed. It will work for every developer in the project since it is a T4 template and Visual Studio supports it natively.

You can install the extension via Extensions Manager.

Method 2 - NuGet

You can install the NuGet package from NuGet Package Manager and every time you create a new resource file you can either create a new T4 Template file and copy-and-paste the template contents yourself from the Templates page or simply copy-and-paste another template file that already exists on the project and rename it.

You can find the the templates in the Templates page.

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