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Smart String Resources

Creates a class to access resx strings with named parameters and provides access to the resource keys to use with attribute-based validations.


  • Exposes resource entries format parameters as named method arguments
  • Exposes resource keys as constants to use in attribute-based validations
  • Organizes resource entries according to "area" delimited by underscore
  • Generates C# and VB.NET code
  • Integrates with Visual Studio to auto create and update Smart String Resources files
  • Generated namespaces and classes names and accessibility levels can be customized
  • Optional culture parameter can be specified
  • Works with team members that do not have Smart String Resources installed

It is based on NETFx Smart String Resources but has more features like support to C# and VB.NET, optional culture parameter and Visual Studio extension to auto create and update files and generation of resource keys constants.

You install Smart String Resources via NuGet or Visual Studio extension, which auto creates and updates the files whenever you create or update the resx file.

By installing the extension, when you create a new resx file, it will automatically create the Smart String Resources T4 template file for you.
In case the auto create option is off, you can manually add the Smart String Resources template file by clicking on Add New Item, there will be the Smart String Resource option. Just select it and name it the same name of the resx file.


By installing via NuGet, you must add a new Text Template file and copy-and-paste the contents of the templates manually.

To read more about installation and use, read the documentation at


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